Getting under your skin. Safely.

Tattoo lovers in Germany have a new way of thinking about their tattoos, and their demands for safety, hygiene and creativity have increased accordingly. There is now a growing awareness that, despite their popularity, all tattoos can pose potential health risks. And this is a good thing.

With its vegan tattoo inks specially developed in Germany and a holistic safety and hygiene concept edding TATTOO is taking customer safety to the next level. We’ve adopted an unwavering new approach to one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating crafts.

edding TATTOO - Think Ink Love

Our tagline THINK.INK.LOVE. perfectly embodies this new concept. We’ll plan your future tattoo together, give you a creative and professional tattoo in accordance with the highest safety and hygiene standards, and ensure that you’ll love your new tattoo for life.

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As of 20th november you can entry our studio only with a proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination or proof of recovery from an infection. If you are unvaccinated and you have an appointment, please give us a call or drop us a mail.
Video consulting is still available.

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Sicherheit & Hygiene

Safety & Hygiene

Safety all the way

The unparalleled safety of our tattoos is the result of many years of cooperation between edding's R&D department and dermatologists, tattoo artists and hygiene experts. Visit our studio and experience our dedicated Safer Tattooing approach, based on our specially developed safety and hygiene concept.

Safety & Hygiene


Tattoo ink

The lifeblood of our concept

By avoiding a range of additives and using sterile, disposable packaging, we reduce your risk to a minimum – less is sometimes more! Our proprietary tattoo ink, manufactured in Germany, meets all current legal requirements. In addition, our certified quality management process guarantees that you’ll benefit from a consistently safe product standard.

Tattoo ink

Tattoo Studio Hamburg

Tattoo studio

Your feel-good & feel-safe area

It’s obvious from the moment you enter the edding TATTOO studio: in our space – where clean lines meet traditional details – hygiene goes hand in hand with authentic, creative tattoo art. Welcome to our world of tattoos!

Tattoo studio

Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artists

The heart & soul of our tattoo world

Our studio team will give you a warm welcome and be there every step of the way as you get your new favourite tattoo – offering tailored, insightful and honest advice. We’ll take the time to listen to all your questions and desires – whether you’re new to tattoos or an old hand.

Tattoo artists

Customer Service

Customer service

Your complete carefree package

We’ll be at your side throughout the tattoo process – and with us, that starts before the first needle pierces your skin. We begin by discussing your design idea, treatment and aftercare. Our team members are your personal experts in all things tattoo!




It’s really important to us that you feel at ease. Your safety is our number one concern. That’s why we’ve drawn up binding standards for all stages of the tattoo process. Detailed regulations and a number of official certificates ensure the high quality of our services on a daily basis.

What are you wearing under your skin?

You'll know for sure with our Tattoo ID

The DNA of your tattoo: our edding TATTOO ID will provide you with all the information you need about your tattoo and the edding tattoo inks used. You'll receive your TATTOO ID directly after tattooing. Documented safety for your protection.

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Our experts

An interdisciplinary team for tattoo ink and safe tattooing

Dr. Olaf Seidel

Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Seidel

Director of Research & Development at edding

Task Ink development

Dr Olaf Seidel holds a PhD in chemistry and is an expert in colour chemistry and materials research. As edding’s Director of Research & Development, he’s responsible for product development and product safety. In developing and producing its proprietary tattoo inks, edding has benefited from Olaf’s over 14 years of experience in ink and dye development, as well as his expertise as Technical Director of an edding production subsidiary.

He led the team that developed the new, vegan edding tattoo inks, the first tattoo inks that do not contain a large number of additives. His team was largely responsible for selecting suitable raw materials, defining analysis and production processes, and developing tests and improvement measures. A major challenge in developing the edding tattoo inks was formulating stable, high-quality and durable dispersions from a deliberately small selection of ingredients.

Before and after attaining his PhD at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology in 2000, he initially worked as a physical chemist researching material properties and interactions. Over the past five years, the knowledge and experience he gained from this work has flowed into developing edding’s tattoo inks.

As Dr Olaf Seidel himself says, “It has been a long process to develop these tattoo inks, but I feel very satisfied, because we are making a difference and our concept will actually increase consumer safety."

PD Dr. med. Katharina Herberger

PD Dr. med. Katharina Herberger

Dermatologist, Specialist in Skin Health, Wound Healing and Care

Task Skin Health & Hygiene

Dr Katharina Herberger specialises in skin health, wound healing and care, as well as dermatological laser medicine. Since 2016, Katharina has been responsible for tattoo safety at edding TATTOO and has been conducting clinical research in this area. Her current studies regarding the interaction of tattoo pigments in the skin, conducted during the development of edding’s tattoo ink, are unique in Germany. Her work in the field of laser therapy and laser tattoo removal led her to develop an interest in safer tattooing. Since 2019, she has been leading a renowned Laser Department in a Dermatology and Venereology Clinic.

Thanks to her work establishing and heading up the university’s Comprehensive Wound Centre and its wound research unit from 2010 to 2018, Herberger boasts extensive knowledge of wound healing and care. Katharina has long had an interest in laser medicine. After completing her training as a dermatology and venereology specialist in 2011, she embarked on a post-graduate diploma in aesthetic laser medicine at Greifswald University in Germany. In 2014, she was granted venia legendi in the field of dermatology, entitling her to give independent lectures in her field of expertise. Passionate about deepening her expertise, Katharina has attended a myriad of national and international congresses, workshops and training events over the years.

According to Dr Katharina Herberger, „Tattoos are part of the everyday lifestyles of almost half of all Germans today. However, unlike clothes, tattoos are not worn over the skin but under it, so I’m an advocate of sound medical research into safer tattooing.“

Andy Schmidt

Andy Schmidt

Tattoo Artist, Association Founder, Owner of Andy’s Body Electric

Task Ink testing

Andy Schmidt is an iconic European tattoo artist and has been a driving force of the German tattoo scene for more than 25 years. A man with tattooing in his blood, he’s inked around 7,000 tattoos and received a number of accolades for his work. An office administrator by training, Andy brought his passion for design and airbrush art to the tattoo world in the mid-nineties.

He’s the co-founder and long-time Chair of both the German Tattoo Association (Bundesverband Tattoo) and United European Tattoo Artists (UETA). As Deputy Chair of the German Association of Organised Tattoo Artists (Verband Deutsche Organisierte Tätowierer), he has worked tirelessly to protect the interests of German tattoo artists. In doing so, he created much-needed industry structures and worked with like-minded individuals to professionalise the tattoo scene. In particular, Andy was a major contributor to the draft of the DIN EN 17169 (Tattooing – Safe and Hygienic Practice) standard and chaired the corresponding working group.

To this day, Andy remains actively involved in promoting the scene’s cohesion and emphasising the high artistic value of the oldest human art form through his work. As the owner of one of Europe’s most famous tattoo studios , he still plays a decisive role in shaping the scene today. The rockabilly fan advocates the highest standards of hygiene and strict regulations on access to his profession. As a member of the edding TATTOO expert team his years of experience as tattoo artist were vital in the development and testing of edding’s innovative tattoo inks.

edding Gründer Ledermann
edding Gründer Carl-Wilhelm Edding

It’s time to write the next chapter in edding’s story!

Sixty years ago, Volker-Detlef Ledermann and Carl-Wilhelm Edding went on an expedition to Japan. They returned with a felt marker, which, with further development, would go on to become the patented edding No. 1. The rest is history! And in 2020, the company is writing a new, colourful chapter in its story.

The power of expression, durability and quality "Made in Germany" are characteristics that have since become synonymous with the edding brand. We’ve made it our mission to offer the best possible ink for every application and surface. Our skin is no exception! That's why we decided to develop a unique tattoo ink in cooperation with a team of experts.

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