Tattoo ink


The lifeblood of our concept

What makes our ink so unique? The edding tattoo ink formulation is a genuine innovation, which edding spent five years researching and testing before bringing it to the market. The edding tattoo inks are manufactured in-house in Germany based on a certified quality management system and do not contain many of the additives that were previously required in tattoo inks.

All pigments (incl. pigment green and blue) of the edding tattoo inks comply with current European and German laws and regulations. These include the provisions of the current European REACH Regulation, the German Tattoo and Cosmetics Regulation (Tätowiermittel- und Kosmetikverordnung) and the German Food and Feed Code (Futtermittelgesetzbuch).


The law as a starting point

edding’s tattoo inks are fully compliant with German and EU legislation in terms of ingredients and manufacturing processes. Current and announced future regulations form the basis of our innovative ink redevelopment.


As few ingredients as possible

With a view to minimising potential interactions and risks, our motto for ingredients is "as little as possible, as much as necessary".


Researched ingredients only

The key criterion for selecting functional components for edding tattoo inks is confirmed toxicological test results. We prefer well-researched raw materials to less well-analysed ones, which enhances product safety. The extensive database of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is chiefly used for this purpose.


Keeping it safe and simple

We know exactly what is contained in our tattoo inks and label them accordingly. However, it is essentially more important to know what isn’t in edding’s tattoo inks:


edding tattoo inks are produced free from animal-based ingredients and are therefore vegan.

Free from preservatives

By prioritising disposable packaging and using the ink immediately after opening, we have no need for preservatives. In this way we avoid substances, which can have a sensitising, allergenic effect.

Free from azo dyes

edding tattoo inks are manufactured without azo dyes at all (the main source of primary aromatic amines) some of which are known to cause cancer.

Free from polyethylene glycols (PEG)

Polyethylene glycols (PEG) do not pose any proven dangers in tattoo inks, but suspicious observations have been made. We have therefore eliminated these substances to reduce your risk to a minimum.

Free from carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR) substances

There are a number of chemicals (CMR substances) that are suspected or proven to cause cancer, alter genetic material or have teratogenic effects. When creating our ink formulations, we carried out a safety assessment of each individual ingredient to ensure that none were classified as a CMR substance.

Free from iron oxide pigments

Our tattoo inks do not contain iron oxide pigments. This presents the advantage that none of our inks are conductive in their applied form, meaning the tattoo cannot heat up in a magnetic field (e.g. during an MRI).


There are numerous additives, including silicones, which are often used to simplify the process of manufacturing pigment dispersions. For the production of edding tattoo inks, we prioritise technical-physical solutions over chemical solutions for manufacturing problems.

No forbidden Pigments

The new edding tattoo inks completely dispense with the pigments Blue 15 and Green 7, which are banned throughout the EU, as well as around 4,000 other ingredients that are expected to be classified as harmful.

Our colour selection

Proven pigments only

For us, adhering to the highest safety standards also means that we don’t use every pigment for our inks, because various scientific studies show that certain pigments could be harmful to our health. Since we want to play it completely safe for you, we only use a small number of pigments for which well-founded analyses are already available.
As a result, we offer a slightly smaller range of colours. But don’t worry! Our tattoo artists are experts in mixing and blending, meaning we can offer you a variety of different colours for your tattoo.
And the journey isn’t over for us yet. We want to constantly improve and move with the times. And, for us, this means that our tattoo ink will never be "finished". We want to continuously develop, optimise and expand our range of inks over time.

edding Tattoofarbe Rot

Rhodonite Red

edding Tattoofarbe Dunkelrot

Bloodstone Red

edding Tattoofarbe Violett

Amethyst Violett

edding Tattoofarbe Blau

Topaz Blue

edding Tattoofarbe Grün

Emerald Green

edding Tattoofarbe Gelb

Amber Yellow

edding Tattoofarbe Orange

Sunstone Orange

edding Tattoofarbe Braun

Opal Brown

edding Tattoofarbe Anthrazit

Lava Rock Grey

edding Tattoofarbe Schwarz Sumi

Diamond Black

edding Tattoofarbe Weiß

Selenite White

edding Tattoofarbe Schwarz Sumi

Magnetite Sumi 25

edding Tattoofarbe Schwarz Sumi

Magnetite Sumi 50

edding Tattoofarbe Schwarz Sumi

Magnetite Sumi 75

edding Tattoofarbe Schwarz Sumi

Magnetite Sumi 100

Sterile, disposable packaging

Opened especially for you

Suitably packaged: all edding tattoo inks are packaged in sterile, disposable packaging and are deliberately non-resealable. After opening, the inks must be used immediately and cannot be reused. With our ingredients and packaging concept, we therefore reduce your risk to a minimum – less is sometimes more!

Production and quality assurance

We’ve deliberately opted for edding in-house production "Made in Germany" based on DIN EN ISO 22716 (Cosmetics – GMP). This international certification guarantees consistently high production standards in the manufacture of cosmetic products and goes beyond the minimum legal requirements for tattoo inks.

In our edding TATTOO LAB, we have complete control over the entire production process. In other words, the composition of every single edding tattoo ink is known, controlled and documented on the product itself.

Herstellung der edding Tattoofarbe

After production, edding tattoo inks are sterilised and regularly tested in microbiological laboratories. Our goal is to ensure a uniform quality standard across all inks and production batches.

Qualitätskontrolle edding Tattoofarbe

All ingredients are clearly marked on the label and each ink package can be traced via its individual batch number. This offers absolute transparency and enables targeted aftercare in conjunction with your edding TATTOO ID.

We can trace everything from the source of our raw materials, through the finished bottle, to the individual tattoo.

Herstellung edding Tattoofarbe

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