Tattoo ID

Your tattoo passport

What are you wearing under your skin?

Our edding TATTOO ID will provide you with all the information you need about your tattoo and the edding tattoo inks used. You'll receive your TATTOO ID directly after tattooing. Documented safety for your protection.

Full Transparency

No more guesswork

All the information about your tattoos: You won't have to make notes or guess which sessions you had when and with which artists and inks, because your edding TATTOO ID offers full transparency to give you the safest possible tattoo experience.

Doc's best friend

Information for your dermatologist

Tattoos generally always harbour potential risks. If you suffer from side effects or an allergic reaction, the detailed information provided in your TATTOO ID can be very helpful to your dermatologist.

Safe Tattooing

Ingredients and long-term effects

More accessible information about used tattoo inks and their ingredients may facilitate future research into correlations between ingredients and long-term effects, making tattoos safer for everyone in the future.

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