Your feel-good, feel-safe area

Hamburg’s Chilehaus is the perfect home for our first edding TATTOO studio. Here you’ll discover a world of tattoos that sets new standards in the very heart of the city.

Upon entering our tattoo studio, one thing will be immediately clear: we are now in a new era of tattoos. In a space where clean lines meet traditional details, we prove that the edding claim of safer tattooing goes hand in hand with creative tattoo art.

Welcome to our world of tattoos!

See you soon!

COVID-19 Update

Due to the corona lockdown our studio remains closed from 16th december 2020 - 14th february 2021. We will contact each of you, who already had an appointment and reschedule the appointment accordingly.

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A welcoming reception area, a consultation corner and a sales area will invite you to linger in the studio. We want everyone interested in a tattoo, whether a novice or an old hand, to feel comfortable with us. We look forward to your visit!

Clean Tattoo Area

Our tattoo area is clearly separated from the lounge area and presented according to the highest standards of hygiene. Despite the clean environment, we still offer a feel-good atmosphere with lots of glass and light.

Your tattoo spot

Our three tattoo spots THINK, INK and LOVE are available for your individual tattoo session. After a comprehensive consultation with your chosen tattoo artist, you’ll have your desired artwork inked in one of these private spots away from the hustle and bustle of the studio. Of course, each spot has plenty of room for someone to accompany you. What’s more, thanks to our three separate tattoo areas, you can even listen to your own music.

Lounge area

Make yourself comfortable and let our artists advise you for your desired tattoo.


Feel free to drop by and discover our small but sweet edding brand world and a constantly updated selection of lifestyle products.

Take a look around

Dive in and get a good overview of our studio.

Our team

The heart & soul of our tattoo world

What would a tattoo studio be without its tattoo artists? We’ve assembled a diverse team to offer you as many different styles as possible. Click through and find the artist that suits you best.



JapanesePolynesian TribalWatercolour / Sketch


aka Alex Beju

GraphicBlackworkBlack & GreySketchyMinimalistic



Dark SurrealismTraditionalFinelineDotworkBlackwork


aka corpusliberi





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Our service

Your complete carefree package

We adhere to the following principles when dealing with our customers:

We only provide tattoos for those over 18.

We believe it’s important that we answer all your questions about the tattoo process in advance and that we give you the best possible advice to ensure you get your dream tattoo safely.

There is always at least one day between your consultation and your tattoo session, especially when this is your first tattoo. This ensures you have enough time to think about your tattoo and make a carefully considered decision.

You’ll receive professional, individually tailored tattoo aftercare from us. We’ll also give you all the tips you need to care for your fresh tattoo at home.

We recommend that you arrange a follow-up appointment with us six weeks after tattooing so that we can assess the quality of the tattoo after it has completely healed.

Our process


Book a consultation

It all starts with a consultation. You can arrange a consultation via our website, by phone or in person. Please give us as much information as possible regarding your desired tattoo motive within your appoinment request. We can prepare your consultation accordingly.


It’s important for us to get to know you personally and give you all our tips. We want you to be absolutely sure about your decision. That's why a personal consultation is an absolute must for us, especially if it's your first edding tattoo. If you’re based far away, we can also arrange an initial discussion by phone or via FaceTime.

During the consultation, you can ask your chosen tattoo artist all your questions about the tattoo process. You’ll discuss your desired design, as well as the right size and placement for the piece. Thanks to their many years of experience, our artists will always be able to give you valuable tips on how to make your finished design look as good as possible. You’ll also be given a fixed price for your tattoo, which will depend on its size and complexity, as well as the likely number of sessions needed.



Book your tattoo session

Once you’re sure about your tattoo, you can book a tattoo session with the studio direct.

Tattoo session

During your tattoo session, you’ll first have a final discussion with the tattoo artist about the design and make any last-minute changes. Next, the stencil for your tattoo will be prepared and tattooing can begin!

When the tattoo is finished, you’ll receive the appropriate care instructions to ensure that the healing of your tattoo goes smoothly. You’ll also receive your TATTOO ID, containing all the information you need about the inks used and their ingredients.



Aftercare appointment

We recommend that you come back to us for a follow-up appointment six weeks after getting your tattoo. This way, the tattoo artist can inspect the healing of your tattoo. If it doesn’t look perfect yet, we’ll be happy to arrange an additional tattoo session. We’ll also take another great photo of your tattoo.

Our products

You can find the following products at our tattoo studio:

  • Tattoo care products
  • T-shirts
  • Assorted accessories
  • edding markers
  • edding permanent spray
  • edding L.A.Q.U.E. nail polish

Visit the studio to discover our current range!

How to find us

edding TATTOO Studio
Burchardstraße 13-15
20095 Hamburg

Opening hours

Closed from 16.12.2020 - 14.02.2021

Mon – Sat 11.00 – 19.00

How to get here

The best way to reach us is by public transport. The closest underground stations are: U1 Meßberg, U1 Steinstraße, and U3 Mönckebergstraße. You can also reach the city’s main train station (Hauptbahnhof) – with connections to all underground stations, the tram network, and other regional transport – on foot in about 10 minutes.
If you come by bus, take service X3 or X4 and get off at the Meßberg stop. If you take service X35, get off at the Steinstraße stop.
By car, it’s possible to reach us via the B4 towards the city centre from both directions.

Where to park