Gennaro Sacco

Gennaro Sacco

aka Instagram: gennarosacco_carnale

28.06. - 06.07.2022

Artist portfolio

The portfolio gives you an overview about the artist's reference works. Not each of the tattoos shown is an edding tattoo.


How long will you work at the edding Tattoo Studio?

You can find me at the edding Tattoo Studio from 28.06.2022 until 06.07.2022.

When did you start tattoing

I started in 1991.

What do you like most about your job?

Tattoo is freedom

Which tattoo artists are your heroes?

I like Guy Aitchison

Can I follow you on instagram?

You can find me on instagram via @gennarosacco_carnale.

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aka Alex Beju/ resident Artist

FinelineWatercolorGraphicSketchyMinimalisticBlackworkBlack & Grey
Katrin Ingwersen

Katrin Ingwersen

aka Instagram: studio.katrin.ingwersen


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