Anastasia Gogoleva

Anastasia Gogoleva

aka / resident artist


Termin anfragen

Artist portfolio

Das Portfolio soll Dir einen Überblick über die Arbeiten unseres Artists geben. Nicht alle hier gezeigten Tattoos sind edding Tattoos.


How should the consumer feel, when leaving the studio after a session?

Fell like he wants more tattoos

In 24h the world will come to an end. What do you do until then?

With my cat and husband

You‘ ve got 14 days off - where do we find you?

At home

What are three things you hate?

Vodka, spiders, cold

How did you come to do art / tattoos?

It’s my mom's idea

Where have you tattooed?

All arm and shin

How do you feel about the edding TATTOO concept?

I like it

What role does hygiene play, when you’re tattooing?

It’s very important

What do you think are the advantages of the edding TATTOO colours for the end conusmer?

The paint composition and the color after healing.

You spend a lot of time in the studio - what are your claims and expectations?

Cleanliness of the room, good lighting and sweets

What makes a good tattoo studio?

A good team

What was the first tattoo you inked?

A feather

Up to this day, what is your favourite tattoo you’ve inked?

I like all of them

How do you feel about cover ups?


Should anybody want a tattoo as a souvenir for Hamburg city, what would you design?

I have not been to Hamburg before
So I have to figure it out

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