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Das Portfolio soll Dir einen Überblick über die Arbeiten unseres Artists geben. Nicht alle hier gezeigten Tattoos sind edding Tattoos.

edding Tattoo Hasti Latin
edding Tattoo Hasti Anker


How did you come to do art / tattoos?

My biggest passion in life were always video games and drawing was a second nature to me since a very young age, I studied concept art and character design. When my Journey started into getting tattooed personally, I fell in love with the art of tattooing.

In 24h the world will come to an end. What do you do until then?

Eat good food and spend every last second with my loved ones and my dog.

You' ve got 14 days off - where do we find you?

In a cabin in woods, preferably next to a lake, with my family.

What are three things you hate?

People being rude, loud and disrespectful.

Where have you tattooed?

I have tattooed in Greece and Cyprus.

How do you feel about the edding TATTOO oncept?

Personally I love it, I find it fresh and unique compared to traditional tattoo parlors, not that it is a bad thing, traditional parlors are the fathers and mothers and grand fathers of tattoo art, but times are changing, and we should always welcome the new and different with open arms that's how we evolve.

What role does hygiene play, when you're tattooing?

Considering we work with blood and needles hygiene has a huge role for me, it is the most important for both me and our client's safety.

What do you think are the advantages of the edding TATTOO colours for the end consumer?

I believe both the quality and transparency that edding tattoo ink provides - its incredible. Having a tattoo that has been executed with the best quality products and ingredients should be every individual's priority when considering getting a tattoo.

How should the consumer feel, when leaving the studio after a session?

I love to see our customers leaving with a huge smile on their faces and already thinking about their next project.

You spend a lot of time in the studio - what are your claims and expectations?

Having a great team work ethic with your colleagues is a must for me. As an artist, we spend a lot of time in our jobs and it's great to be among people that share the same passion as you, and are always trying to elevate and help each other.

What makes a good tattoo studio?

Great hygiene, experienced and talented artists, and overall the ability to communicate with clients, so they can feel confident and pleased with their decision.

What was the first tattoo you inked?

The first tattoo I ever did was on an awesome boy, he had come from the States to Greece, and he volunteered a piece of his body to me even though I had zero experience. I will never forget the trust he put in me, and I'm forever grateful for that.

Up to this day, what is your favourite tattoo you've inked?

I absolutely adore Raccoons, so I would say the Raccoon I did in my style is my favorite.

How do you feel about cover ups?

Depends, some cover-ups are a joy, some they have been so overworked and are so dark that it is very difficult or even impossible to do anything with them. It depends a lot on how big and different the client is willing to go for a cover-up.

Should anybody want a tattoo as a souvenir for Hamburg city, what would you design?

I would design a teddy bear in a yellow raincoat riding a bicycle and shouting Moin!!

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