Pedro Pena Molina

Pedro Pena Molina

aka Clemente

15.08. - 20.08.2022
Mandala Style

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Artist portfolio

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Wie lange wirst du im edding Tattoo Studio arbeiten?

Ihr findet mich vom 15.08.2022 bis zum 20.08.2022 im edding Tattoo Studio.

Hast du einen Instagram Kanal?

Bei Instagram findest du mich unter @clemente.tats

In 24h the world will come to an end. What do you do until then?

I would try to spend that time with my family and friends

You' ve got 14 days off - where do we find you?


What are three things you hate?

I hate being bothered for no reason, lies and hypocrisy

How did you come to do art / tattoos?

I love this question, I became an artist when I lived in Lisbon Portugal. I was there for an ex girlfriend that moved there and I just got the art and love in that city. When we broke up I got depressed about the end of our relationship and I just started to paint, from the paint to the tattoo and the rest is history

Where have you tattooed?

Well, I’m very lucky, cuz I tattooed in many cities in Mexico, in the United States in Florida and Texas, in Colombia, Bogota, Santa Marta and Medellin , in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona, in France, Paris and Normandi, in Germany, Hamburg and Colonia and off course in my favorite city in Lisbon Portugal

How do you feel about the edding TATTOO concept?

I think it's a good idea, and I think that in the world of tattooing, like everything in this life, it is being renewed and partly improving.

What role does hygiene play, when you're tattooing?

I think it is the most fundamental role when starting the tattoo process

What do you think are the advantages of the edding TATTOO colours for the end conusmer?

I think the advantage that the edding brand has is that the fewer preservatives a product that is not a natural part of your body, the less it will affect you, and other thing is you getting a great result at same time

How should the consumer feel, when leaving the studio after a session?

Satisfied with his project

What was the first tattoo you inked?

My first tattoo that I did was a wing on the arm

Up to this day, what is your favourite tattoo you've inked?

Uff it’s a hard question cuz I have many of them, but my favorite it’s the tiger that I did on own arm, it's my emblem, my symbol, and is not for just saying but is beautiful

Should anybody want a tattoo as a souvenir for Hamburg city, what would you design?

Without doubt elbphilharmonie, I think it will be a good challenge

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